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High Chair

Design a high chair for children based on a persona you create, considering its manufacturing process   

The chair is built with polycarbonate plastic that is especially durable and easy to clean.

The removable table doubles as a safety strap which locks into place under the seat. 

The chair grows with the child. The three removable inserts and the removable tray, extend the chairs’ life cycle and is the only one that the family will need.

/CAD & 3D printed model

Group project, Year two, Fall 2017


KENDRICK, just turned 2 and wants to sit at the table with everyone else.

  • very active

  • loves blue

  • likes knowing he has grown bigger than his friends.

  • likes playing with his toys while eating.


  • found that high chairs are difficult to clean

  • were told to stay away from 2nd hand equipment due to dangers of misuse by previous owner

  • find buckles difficult to remove and uncomfortable for the child

  • want a versatile, long lasting chair.


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User Journey

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